The East Greenland Margin

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The central eastern, north-eastern and northern margin of Greenland consists of a series of upper Paleozoic–Mesozoic onshore and offshore rift
basins. The basins overlie continental crust and are bounded to the west by the western Caledonian fold belt (70°–81°30’ N) and to the east by North Atlantic oceanic crust. Farther south the basement margin is composed of Archaean to Proterozoic rocks. The onshore width of the basins is up to 250 km (east–west), and the combined length, as represented by the onshore distance from the Ammassalik Basin in South-East Greenland to the northern part of Peary Land in North Greenland is about 2300 km (Figure 7.31). The stratigraphy of the onshore basins along the eastern margin of Greenland between Peary Land and Kangerlussuaq is presented in the correlation panels (Figures 7.14–18). They provide outcrop analogues to the adjacent offshore basins, including the Ammassalik margin farther south (Figure 7.19), where no or very limited rock control exists on the distribution of stratigraphic units. The distributions of the various Paleozoic–Mesozoic stratigraphic units offshore are therefore only shown as inferred (Figures 7.2–7.6).
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Title of host publicationTectonostratigraphic Atlas of the North-East Atlantic region
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2014

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