DS 3077. Representative sampling - Horizontal Standard

Kim H. Esbensen

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This standard is a matrix-independent standard for representative sampling. Compliance with the principles herein ensures that a specific sampling method (procedure) is representative.

This standard sets out a minimum competence basis for reliable planning, performance and assessment of existing or new sampling procedures with respect to representativity.

This standard invalidates grab sampling and other incorrect sampling operations, by requiring conformance with a universal set of seven governing principles and unit operations (see 5.2).

This standard specifies two simple quality assurance measures (Quality Objectives, QO) regarding:

1) sampling of stationary lots, the Relative Sampling Variability test (RSV)
2) sampling of dynamic lots, Variographic Analysis (VA), also known as variographic characterisation, with an analogous RSV1-dim. (This standard contains a variographic software program (freeware) making variographic characterisation available to all users).

This standard stipulates maximum threshold levels for both of these quality assurance measures (QO).

This standard is based on the Theory of Sampling (TOS). A comprehensive background for TOS can be found in clause 2. This standard also contains a full complement of additional references and background literature (see Bibliography).

This standard enforces professional self-control by stipulating mandatory disclosure of one of two comprehensive quality assurance approaches as produced by RSV or variographic characterisation to all parties involved.

This standard specifies documentation and reporting of sampling representativity and efficiency for each analyte in combination with a specific class of materials respectively. Any deviation from this standard’s QO shall be justified and reported.

This standard employs a dual acceptance approach: items not mentioned are not acceptable as modifications in any sampling procedure or sampling plan, unless specifically tested and assessed by the QO’s described herein – while all modifications successfully passing this test requirement are acceptable.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDansk Standard
Number of pages42
Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2013

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