DGU Årbog 1982

Bent Aaby (Editor)

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    Niels Balslev Jørgensen: Foreløbige sedimentologiske undersøgelser i fluviatile sedimenter i egnen omkring V. Nebel, Østjylland

    Arne Villumsen, Ole Stig Jacobsen and Carsten Sønderskov: Mapping the vulnerability of ground water reservoirs with regard to surface pollution

    Lise Holm: Subsidence history of the Jurassic sequence in the Danish Central Graben

    Tove Birkelund, Claus Koch Clausen, Henrik Nøhr Hansen and Lise Holm: The Hectoroceras kochi Zone (Ryazanian) in the North Sea Central Graben and remarks on the Late Cimmerian Unconformity

    Søren Priisholm: Geothermal reservoir rocks in Denmark

    Peter Klint Jensen: Principles of temperature mapping

    Peter Klint Jensen: Formation temperatures in the Danish Central Graben

    Erik Nygaard: Bathichnus and its significance in the trace fossil association of Upper Cretaceous chalk, Mors, Denmark

    Publications issued 1982
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationCopenhagen
    Number of pages138
    ISBN (Print)87-421-0735-0
    Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 1983

    Publication series

    SeriesGeological Survey of Denmark Yearbook

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    • Programme Area 1: Data


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