Completion of field work for the 1:500 000 mapping and regional geological studies in central and western North Greenland

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    Field activities comprising the second, and final season of the systematic field mapping programme in central and western North Greenland were carried out from June to August 1985. The field investigations were concluded for the 1:500000 map sheet of the area between J. P. Koch Fjord (c. 400 W), in the east, and north-easternmost Washington Land (65°W) in the west; the southern boundary of the map sheet is 81°N (fig. 1). General geological investigations forrned an integral part of the mapping programme. A special source rock project, financed by the Danish Ministry of Energy, was fully integrated with the mapping programme (Christiansen et al., this report). As in 1984 a tent base camp in south-eastern Warming Land served as an operation centre for the expedition. Two chartered Jet Ranger helicopters and a Twin Otter aircraft were based here, and served the expedition groups with transport facilities throughout the season. Mobilisation and demobilisation of the expedition from Denmark were carried out with help from the Royal Danish Air Force, who airlifted the expedition to and from the Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert in north-east Ellesmere Island, Canada. Personnel, equipment and fuel were flown into the base camp from Alert with the Twin Otter. The expedition group numbered 40, comprising 12 two-man geological parties, a fourman drilling team and 12 supporting personnel, including aircraft crew members. As in 1984, the operation area extended about 500 km from east to west, and 150-200 km from south to north. The 12 geological teams and the drilling team utilised about 130 camp sites. At the end of the 1985 season, the temporary huts and tents at base camp were dismantled and, together with all the equipment, were taken back to Denmark. Fuel depots and equipment in other parts of the working area, which is part of the North and East Greenland National Park, were also removed.
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