Annual Report 2013: 125 years of geological research for society

H.H. Thomsen (Editor)

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2013 was a milestone year for GEUS, which celebrated the 125th anniversary of the Kingdom of Denmark’s first geological survey. The anniversary was marked by celebrations in April 2013. Broad European participation and talks by speakers from e.g. Canada demonstrated that GEUS is well on its way to realising its ambition of greater internationalisation set out in its 2012 Strategy.

The year was very productive and the goals in GEUS’ performance contract were almost all met. At the same time, GEUS was successfully able to deal with the more intensive performance management that permeates the entire central government administration. In 2013, GEUS further intensified its expert knowledge building in two core business areas: groundwater mapping and mineral resources.

The on-going tax-financed groundwater mapping is planned for completion in 2015, and GEUS has been keen to bring this new expertise into use in new assignments. This was achieved already in 2013, when, in collaboration with Aarhus University and Danish companies, GEUS was able to win assignments in Asian countries which see Denmark as a role model in the area of water management.

In the mineral resources area, interest has never been greater, and GEUS has contributed with specialist knowledge both via expert assessments and via participation in a number of working groups. This work will form the basis for future political decisions and downstream legislation throughout the Danish Realm. Special focus has been on the exploitation of uranium and rare-earth elements. As a response to the increasing demand for knowledge about minerals, security of supply and access to resources, as well as about future requirements on industry, in 2013 GEUS established Center for Minerals and Materials (MiMa).

Another milestone event was the opening of the GEUS office in Nuuk, Greenland. With the new office in Nuuk, GEUS now has a permanent presence and representation in Greenland. The welcome was overwhelming, and the communication effort which the office has already delivered has been much appreciated. If GEUS can help encourage young people to take training and education in the geosciences, this would be an important step in developing Greenland and its natural resources.

Activities have been equally high in all other GEUS business areas. Climate research has received much attention, and the condition of the Greenland ice sheet and the changed weather conditions have occasioned assessment and modelling of the impacts of climate change in Denmark and globally. During the year, GEUS has performed a number of assignments in collaboration with stakeholders responsible for Danish infrastructure.

In the area of energy, many new projects on the exploitation of geothermal energy have seen the light of day, and GEUS has provided advice for the vast majority of these projects, in so doing contributing to the Danish transition to renewable energy.

Finally, GEUS has provided the foundation for yet another submission regarding extension of the Danish Realm’s continental shelf (North-East Greenland) under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

2013 was a year brimming with new initiatives that have formed a strong foundation for GEUS’ future.
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PublisherDe Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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