SVALCLIME: Deep-time Arctic climate archives: High-resolution coring of Svalbard’s sedimentary record

  • Senger, Kim (CoPI)
  • Shephard, Grace (CoPI)
  • Bodin, Stéphane (CoI)
  • Tegner, Christian (CoI)
  • Lorenz, Henning (CoI)
  • Kulhanek, Denise K. (CoI)
  • Zuchat, Valentin (CoI)
  • Grundvåg, Sten Andreas (CoI)
  • Smyrak-Sikora, Aleksandra (CoI)
  • Planke, Sverre (CoI)
  • Sliwinska, Kasia (CoI)
  • Jones, Morgan T. (CoI)
  • Vickers, Madeleine L. (CoI)
  • Xu, Weimu (CoI)
  • Foster, William J. (CoI)
  • Ruhl, Micha (CoI)

Project Details


The proposed SVALCLIME-UArctic project is designed to maximize synergies with the ongoing SVALCLIME international initiative to drill and core stratigraphic successions in Svalbard for deeptime paleoclimate studies.
AcronymSVALCLIME UArctic
Effective start/end date1/09/2331/08/25


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