SHARP Storage - Stress History And Reservoir Pressure for improved quantification of storage containment risks

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is now maturing in Europe and worldwide with several Net Zero projects emerging. Hence, the need for safe and reliable CO2 storage sites is accelerating and the reliable assessment of large scale storage options at the gigatonne-per-year scale is critical. The SHARP project addresses three Priority Research Directions identified in the Mission Innovation Report required to improve current technologies to deliver CO2 storage volumes at the scale needed to meet demands for large scale storage. The geomechanical response to CO2 injection is one of the key uncertainties in assessing proposed storage sites. The SHARP project aims to reduce these uncertainties with the ambitious goal of improving the accuracy of subsurface CO2 storage containment risk management to a level acceptable to both commercial and regulatory interests. The development and integration of models for subsurface stress, rock mechanical failure and seismicity will mature the technology for quantification of subsurface deformation, thereby leading to cost-efficient CO2 subsurface risk monitoring and management.

The SHARP project is expected to accelerate the maturation of storage sites in the North Sea and India. SHARP will help to scale up the Northern Lights CO2 storage project in the Horda area (N) and mature emerging storage prospects in the Greater Bunter Sandstone area (UK) and the Hanstholm structure (DK) that will benefit from transferring knowledge from pioneering and more mature work in the Horda area. Further, application to well-characterised offshore depleted oil and gas fields, like Nini (DK) and Aramis (NL), will accelerate their transformation into viable and safe CO2 storage sites. India has high focus on emission reduction using CCUS and an onshore case study for CO2 EOR will be matured using learning elements from Europe to kick-start CO2 injection and storage projects in India.
Effective start/end date1/10/2131/12/24


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