Reservoir characterization and quantitative seismic interpretation of Late Miocene complex in the Danish North Sea.

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Previous regional seismic interpretations indicate a wide lateral distribution of porous Neogene sands at depths suitable for CO2 storage. CO2Neo project aims to delineate the CO2 storage potential of these thin offshore sands to assess true reservoir thickness, storage volume and lateral connectivity limited by low seismic resolution. In this interdisciplinary project, we will apply quantitative seismic interpretation techniques (AVO analysis, Forward Seismic Modelling and Inversion) coupled with sedimentology, petrophysics and rock physics to improve our understanding of these shallow sands, the general findings of which can be applied to areas of similar geological setting.

Key findings

Ongoing research.
Short titleQuantitative Interpretation
Effective start/end date1/11/2130/09/24


  • Lille John
  • Neogene
  • CO2 Storage


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