Project Details


IODP proposal (909full2) to drill along a transect across the northwest Greenland margin extending from the shelf to Baffin Bay where thick Cenozoic sedimentary successions primarily reflect the evolution of the northern GrIS (NGrIS). The overall aim is to investigate the full range of forcing and feedbacks - oceanic, atmospheric, orbital, tectonic - that influence the GrIS over a range of time scales, as well as conditions prevailing at the time of glacial inception and deglacial to interglacial periods.

Funding Source(s): IODP

Period: Recommended to the Joides Resolution facility board for scheduling (likely 2022 or 2023).

Region: Baffin Bay and Greenland shelves

Techniques/proxies: Sedimentology, biostratigraphy, stable isotopes, paleomagnetism, biomarkers, eDNA, cosmogenic isotopes.

Material/data: Cores, borehole logs
StatusNot started