Wandel Sea Basin - the North Greenland equivalent to Svalbard and the Barents Shelf.

E. Hakansson, L. Stemmerik

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A composite sequence totalling well over 7km has been recorded, which gives evidence for a complex depositional and structural history of the basin encompassing the Carboniferous to Tertiary interval. Depositional environments in the Carboniferous to Triassic, as well as in the Palaeocene, compare well with the situation recorded in Svalbard. During the late Cretaceous, several pull-apart basins were filled and deformed in a dextral strike-slip mobile belt, largely paralleling the subsequent suture between Greenland and Svalbard. The type of deposition in individual basins varies widely. Some contain fluvial-deltaic and marine sediments whereas a single basin is dominated by continental vulcanogenic sediments and extrusives.-from Authors

TitelPetroleum Geology of the North European Margin
RedaktørerA.M. Spencer
ForlagNorwegian Geological Society & Norwegian Petroleum Society
Antal sider11
StatusUdgivet - 1984


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