Towards marine landscapes in the Baltic Sea

Zyad Al-Hamdani (Redaktør), Johnny Reker (Redaktør)

Publikation: Bog/rapportRapport (offentligt tilgængelig)


This report presents the methodology applied for identifying and mapping the seabed features of the Baltic Sea. The report also summarises some of the potential applications
and limitations of applying the marine landscapes approach within the Baltic Sea. Special effort has been put into explaining the reasoning behind the decisions made in order
to bridge the gap between different sciences, and thus make the report accessible for non-specialists. The work was undertaken because marine landscape mapping has the
potential to support the implementation of a transnational and ecosystem-based approach to the management, including strategic and spatial planning, of the marine environment thus promoting a sustainable development within the Baltic Sea Region.

The work is based on extensive transnational cooperation and involves many different scientific disciplines while aiming to bridge the gap to environmental management and
policy drivers for the marine ecosystem within the Baltic Sea Region.

The work, while extensive, should only be seen as a first step towards the mapping of marine landscapes of the Baltic Sea, Kattegat and parts of Skagerrak. There are some of
the technical aspects, which need further development to fully describe the dynamics of the marine environment. Each map presented is the result of an intensive and arduous
data harmonisation and classification e.g. the sediment map took almost a year in production, while reclassifying data from 19 different sediment classifications.

The results, products and recommendations presented in this report represent the experiences of an independent international partnership, and do not represent any national
or official viewpoint of the involved research institutes or governmental agencies. The work is part financed by the European development fund BSR INTERREG IIIB Neighbourhood Programme and partly by the involved partners.
Antal sider116
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2007


NavnBALANCE interim report


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