The Baltic Sea Basin

Alar Rosentau, Ole Bennike, Szymon Uścinowicz, Grażyna Miotk-Szpiganowicz

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This chapter gives a brief introduction to the Baltic Sea, which is a special sea in several respects. It is one of the largest brackish-water inland seas in the world and it has undergone a complex and unique development after the last deglaciation. The whole basin was glaciated during the Last Glacial Maximum, and the main phases after the last deglaciation are the Baltic Ice Lake, the Yoldia Sea, the Ancylus Lake and the Littorina Sea, which are described in the chapter. The chapter offers complete, homogeneous and up-to-date Baltic Sea bathymetry data from 'official' sources: that is, all Baltic Sea national hydrographic offices that come under the umbrella of the Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission. The Baltic Sea basin experienced several glaciation events related to the major climatic shifts during the Last Glacial Period.

TitelSubmerged Landscapes of the European Continental Shelf
UndertitelQuaternary Paleoenvironments
RedaktørerNicholas C. Flemming, Jan Harff, Delminda Moura, Anthony Burgess, Geoffrey N. Bailey
Antal sider31
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781118927823
ISBN (Trykt)9781118922132
StatusUdgivet - 5 jul. 2017


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