Static corrections on crystalline rocks

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Static corrections for reflection seismic data shot on high velocity crystalline rock can be calculated directly from the data using a global, iterative stackpower optimization. The reflections consist of several peaks, creating the possibility of aligning the wrong peak in the signals. Due to misalignments a large number of local maxima in the stackpower exist in a cyclic manner, only slightly smaller than thes stackpower of the‘best’stack. Therefore the search must be of a global nature. A Monte Carlo search requires long run times. A global search method is presented using a varying sequence of parameters within each iteration. The ability for a set of static corrections and the associated stackpower to move from a local maximum to a larger maximum is enhanced. The performance of the iterative process is improved, so a relatively small number (about 20) of iterations is needed to obtain the optimum set of corrections. The risk of misalignment of traces by using the wrong peak in a signal consisting of several peaks is diminished, and it is less important that the initial set of corrections is close to the final set. The method is illustrated by a synthetic example and on a data set shot on the granites of Dalarna, Sweden.

Sider (fra-til)467-478
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TidsskriftGeophysical Prospecting
Udgave nummer5
StatusUdgivet - jul. 1989
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