Sharing knowledge and data about groundwater in EU: The EIGR metadata inventory of the KINDRA Project

Marco Petitta, Balazs Bodo, Adrienn Cseko, Isabel Fernandez, Clint García Alibrandi, Mercedes Garcia Padilla, Eva Hartai, Klaus Hinsby, Viktoria Mikita, Peter Szucs, Peter van der Keur

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Groundwater knowledge and research in the European Union is often scattered and non-standardised, because of different subjects involved and different approaches from member states. The Horizon 2020 project KINDRA has conducted an EU-wide assessment of existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge based on a new Hydrogeological Research Classification System, identifying more than 280 keywords related to three main categories (namely operational actions, research topics and societal challenges) to be intersected in a 3D-diagram. The classification is supported by a Web service, the European Inventory of Groundwater Research, which acts not only as a knowledge repository but also as a tool to help identify relevant research topics, existing research trends and critical research challenges. The metadata included in the inventory at the end of the project are about 2300, and the analysis of the results is considered useful for producing synergies, implementing policies and optimising water management in Europe. Using the three-axes classification, occurrence and relationship of different topics in groundwater research have been highlighted. The EIGR inventory is a powerful and useful took for sharing information and data about groundwater issues following the FAIR principle, in agreement with an ethical approach.

TitelAdvances in geoethics and groundwater management : Theory and practice for a sustainable development
UndertitelProceedings of the 1st Congress on Geoethics and Groundwater Management (GEOETH&GWM'20), Porto, Portugal 2020
RedaktørerManuel Abrunhosa, António Chambel, Silvia Peppoloni, Helder I. Chaminé
Antal sider4
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-3-030-59320-9
ISBN (Trykt)978-3-030-59319-3
StatusUdgivet - 2021
Begivenhed1st Congress on Geoethics and Groundwater Management - Porto, Portugal
Varighed: 18 maj 202022 maj 2020
Konferencens nummer: 1


NavnAdvances in Science, Technology and Innovation


Konference1st Congress on Geoethics and Groundwater Management
Forkortet titelGEOETH-GWM'20


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