Seismic stratigraphy and sedimentary architecture of the Chalk Group in south-west Denmark

Connie Larsen, Jon Ineson, Lars Ole Boldreel

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    The Chalk Group is ubiquitous in the subsurface of the Danish Basin and its upper levels are exposed locally onshore, most notably in eastern Denmark. Although many subsurface studies have been made of the group in the Danish Basin, most of these have been in the eastern part of Denmark (e.g. Esmerode et al. 2007; Surlyk & Lykke-Andersen 2007) whereas the stratigraphy and character of the Chalk Group in the western onshore region is less well-known. The work described here was undertaken as a BSc project at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Mangement at the University of Copenhagen by the first author as part of regional seismic mapping work contributing to an evaluation of the geothermal energy potential in Denmark. The aim of this paper is to present a summary of the key results of the study. We have subdivided and mapped the distribution of the Chalk Group in the northern North German Basin and the south-western Danish Basin based on digital reflection seismic profiles. We also highlight seismic architectural features that testify to periods of active bottom currents.
    Sider (fra-til)23-26
    Antal sider4
    TidsskriftGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin
    StatusUdgivet - 25 jun. 2014


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