Reliable test methods for the determination of a natural production of chloroform in soils

Christian Grøn, Frank Laturnus, Ole Stig Jacobsen

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Chloroform is one of the most frequently found anthropogenic groundwater contaminants. Recent investigations, however, suggested that chloroform in groundwater may also originate from a natural production in soils. As societies response to the occurrence of chloroform in groundwater may depend upon its origin as anthropogenic or naturally produced, test methods are needed to measure the potential of natural soil chloroform production. Field measurements of ambient air and soil air, and field and laboratory incubation studies were evaluated for measurement of relative soil chloroform production at a site with four different vegetation types (spruce forest, beech forest, grassland, and grain field) on comparable geological soil. All test methods showed varying soil production of chloroform with spruce forest soil being most productive and grain field soil being least productive. Field measurements of the ratio of soil air to ambient air chloroform concentrations exhibited the smallest difference between high production and low production areas, whereas laboratory incubation studies showed the largest difference. Thus, laboratory incubation studies are suggested as most efficient for estimating relative chloroform production in soil. The study indicated that soil samples should be tested not more than 14 days after sampling. Furthermore, it was found that potentially limiting compounds, such as chloride or nitrate, are not needed to be added in spike experiments to obtain reliable production results. However, it should be recognized that the processes of soil chloroform production are not known yet in all details. Other factors than those studied here may affect the test methods for soil chloroform production too.

Sider (fra-til)1231-1241
Antal sider11
TidsskriftEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment
Udgave nummer3
StatusUdgivet - mar. 2012


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