Preliminary landslide mapping in Denmark indicates an underestimated geohazard

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The process of coastal erosion is well known to the public and decision-mak-ers in Denmark; however, there is little awareness of the risks posed by larger landslides. Only a few scientific studies investigate landslides in Denmark, and as a result, the country is underrepresented in international landslide inventories. Here, we present a systematically produced preliminary landslide inventory based on digital elevation models and high-resolution orthopho-tos. So far, the preliminary inventory documents 3026 morphological expres-sions of landslides close to the coast and inland, showing that landslides are more widespread in Denmark than previously recognised. A number of these landslides are near buildings and infrastructure. This paper therefore highlights the potential for geohazardous landslides to occur in Denmark on a national scale and discusses some of the implications. Two of the major questions arising from this study are (1) how to approach potential geohaz-ards in a country with no framework or precedence for landslide hazard and risk management and (2) how landslides and associated risk in Denmark will evolve under a changing climate.

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TidsskriftGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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