Adam A. Garde, Feiko Kalsbeek

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftLederartikel


The present volume marks the completion of a large research project by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), focused on the northern part of the Palaeoproterozoic Nagssugtoqidian orogen of central West Greenland, and carried out by a team of Danish and international participants. The project comprised geological mapping as well as structural, geochronological, geochemical and economic geological studies. This volume contains reports on both Archaean and Palaeoproterozoic geology as well as a study of neotectonic brittle structures. The field work was carried out in 2000-2003 in the region between Nordre Strømfjord and Jakobshavn Isfjord (see e.g. van Gool & Piazolo 2006, this volume, fig. 1). The project had two immediate purposes, namely to establish an overview of the mineral resource potential of supracrustal rocks in the region between 66° and 70°15'N, and produce four new geological sheets in the Survey's 1:100 000 map series.
Sider (fra-til)5-7
Antal sider3
TidsskriftGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin
StatusUdgivet - 5 dec. 2006


  • Programområde 4: Mineralske råstoffer


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