Plutonic environments in Greenland – a potential for new discoveries

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Mineral deposits of plutonic complexes are among the most promising exploration targets in Greenland. Examples are the Malmbjerg molybdenum deposit, the Skaergaard intrusion gold and platinum group element deposit and the Ilimmaasaq zirconium, rare-earth element (REE), thorium and uranium deposit. They are all three explored at present and have the potential to become large mining operations. However, many plutonic and hypabyssal provinces in Greenland are still significantly under-explored.

In 2002, GEUS published an overview of all the intrusive complexes in the Palaeogene province in East Greenland (GEUS report, 2002/113). The overview includes basic information and metadata on all the complexes allowing easy access to the basic geological data and non-confidential exploration records. In the coming year these data will be made digitally accessible on GEUS’ website. The Palaeogene province in East Greenland is only one out of 23 defined plutonic provinces within the Archaean to Neogene evolution in Greenland. Basic geological data and exploration information will be made digitally accessible in 2010 on all plutons, sill complexes and dyke swarms in these provinces. This issue of ‘Geology & Ore’ deals with the 23 plutonic provinces in summary outline.
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TidsskriftGeology and Ore
Udgave nummer14
StatusUdgivet - 28 feb. 2009


  • Greenland


  • Programområde 4: Mineralske råstoffer


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