Mineral occurrences in central East and North-East Greenland-new possibilities?

M. Pedersen, H. Stendal

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The geological provinces of central East and northeast Greenland host numerous mineral occurrences. Pre-Caledonian mineralization is scarce and its structural affiliation is not always clear. Mineral occurrences related to Caledonian lineaments comprise ores of tungsten, arsenic and antimony. Mineral occurrences related to post-Caledonian lineaments take the form of vein-type mineralization, which is widespread along the eastern fault zone, and occurrences of lead, zinc, copper and silver that are known along the lineament from Jameson Land, Traill ∅, Gauss Halvo and Hudson Land. Three major types of mineralization are related to the post-Caledonian evolution of East Greenland: (1) epigenetic, mainly base-metal mineralization occurring over a north-south extension of several hundred kilometres; (2) strata-bound-stratiform base-metal mineralization associated with red beds and carbonates; and (3) molybdenum and base-metal mineralization related to Tertiary felsic, subvolcanic intrusions. Skarn formation is found in connection with Tertiary mafic sill intrusions. When the huge area of central and North-East Greenland is taken into consideration exploration activity has been sparingly funded and sporadic by comparison with other explored areas. The post-Caledonian area of East and North-East Greenland is a crustal extension regime with good potential for mineral deposit formation. Further exploration should be focused on the investigation of extension faults, wrench faults and zones of dilatation. These fluid pathways create alteration, which must be carefully studied to improve understanding of the mineralizing system.

Sider (fra-til)B42-B48
Antal sider7
TidsskriftTransactions of the Institutions of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Applied Earth Science
Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - 2000


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