Mapping lithology of the Sarfartoq carbonatite complex, southern West Greenland, using HyMap imaging spectrometer data

Enton Bedini

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The Sarfartoq carbonatite complex occurs in the southern West Greenland in a transition zone between Archaean gneiss complex to the south and a Proterozoic mobile belt to the north. The Sarfartoq carbonatite complex consists of a core zone composed of dolomite carbonatite and minor søvite (calcite carbonatite) surrounded by a fenite zone and a marginal zone of gneisses frequently altered due to hydrothermal activity. High spatial and spectral resolution imaging spectrometer data recorded by the HyMap imaging system were used to map lithology of the Sarfartoq carbonatite complex. A careful analysis of the spectral reflectance properties of the carbonatite lithology preceded the HyMap data analysis stage. The spectral reflectance measurements showed that the various lithologic units including dolomite carbonatite, søvite, fenite and the marginal alteration zone have distinct spectral reflectance characteristics. The analysis of the HyMap data was based on an unsupervised clustering algorithm, the Self Organizing Maps (SOM), for the mapping of the main lithology and a hierarchical tree for the mapping of sparsely occurring søvite rocks. Spectral mixture analysis was applied to map fractional abundances and compare with the SOM results. The resulting lithological map shows the spatial distribution of dolomite carbonatite, søvite, fenite with abundant carbonatite dykes (representing the outer core of the carbonatite complex), fenite and hematized gneiss (marginal alteration zone). The results compare well with the field data collected for the assessment of the mapping accuracy and due to the spatially contiguous nature of the hyperspectral data could be used to better map the outcropping carbonatite lithology. The spectral reflectance measurements and the mapping results provide information of petrological importance for the carbonatite core zone.

Sider (fra-til)1208-1219
Antal sider12
TidsskriftRemote Sensing of Environment
Udgave nummer6
StatusUdgivet - 15 jun. 2009


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