Investigations of Tertiary volcanic rocks along the south coast of Nûgssuaq and in eastern Disko, 1987

Lotte Melchior Larsen, Asger Ken Pedersen

    Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftArtikelForskningpeer review


    As a continuation of an integrated study of sedimentary and volcanic facies in the Cretaceous to Tertiary West Greenland basin (G. K.Pedersen, 1987; A. K. Pedersen & Larsen, 1987) early Tertiary volcanic rocks were studied in 1987 along a NW-SE trending composite section, about 120 km in length; on Niigssuaq and Disko. The study attempts to establish and describe lithostratigraphic volcanic units in the Tertiary volcanic formations, and through a combination of field mapping, photogrammetry and geochemistry to establish chronostratigraphic horizons through the early Tertiary deposits of the region. In this respect it is essential to identify the same eruptive units as subaeriallava facies and as subaqueous lava or hyaloclastite facies, and to trace subaerial tufts throughout the area. In the first part of the season localities along the Vaigat coast of Nûgssuaq from Kugssinerssuaq in the east to Nûssap qâqarssua in the west were investigated. In the second part of the season very poorly known areas in the western and southem part ofthe Kvandalen region on east Disko were investigated. The field work was supported by the Arctie Station in Godhavn and its cutter Porsild as well as by GGU's cutter J. F. Johnstrup.
    Sider (fra-til)28-32
    Antal sider5
    TidsskriftRapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse
    StatusUdgivet - 31 dec. 1988


    • Programområde 4: Mineralske råstoffer


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