Integrating realtime CTBTO and local seismic data using SEISAN

Peter Henrik Voss, Tine B. Larsen, Lars Ottemöller, Jens Havskov

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P5.3-530 – Integrating realtime CTBTO and local seismic data using SEISAN

Authors: Peter Henrik Voss1
; Tine B. Larsen1
; Lars Ottemöller2
; Jens Havskov2
1Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), Denmark
2University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
Corresponding Author:

This presentation gives examples on how to process and analyse data obtained in realtime from
the IMS through the newly developed SeedLink service available on the Global Communications
Infrastructure (GCI), using the seismic analysis software package SEISAN. Furthermore, we show
how to integrate sensor data and metadata and event parametric data from the CTBTO with locally
collected data. SEISAN is used in more than 30 countries mainly at smaller seismic networks or by
students or researchers, for processing data from permanent or temporary seismic networks and
at a number of NDCs. SEISAN runs on both Windows and Linux and is freely available and open
sources (see The examples include guides for: 1. Simple configuration of IRIS
slarchive software for handling the SeedLink connection and local storage of the realtime data feeds
from the IMS in SDS or BUD format. 2. Configuration of SEISAN for analysing data from the SDS in
automatic and manual modes. 3. Merge IMS sensor metadata with the SEISAN database. 4. Create
local versions of the IDC REB, SEB, SEL, etc. bulletins in SEISAN databases. Signals from teleseismic
and local/regional events are used in the examples using the SEISAN virtual network functionality
to include IMS data.

Promotional text: We present methods to integrate CTBTO seismic realtime data with local data, which
will enable NDCs to improve nuclear test monitoring, using the newly developed SeedLink service
available on the GCI and IDC bulletins.
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StatusUdgivet - 28 jun. 2021
BegivenhedCTBT Science and Technology Conference 2021 (SnT2021) - online / Vienna, Østrig
Varighed: 28 jun. 20212 jul. 2021


KonferenceCTBT Science and Technology Conference 2021 (SnT2021)


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