Important findings expected from Europe's largest seismic array

Søren Gregersen, L.B. Pedersen, R.G. Roberts, H. Shomali, A. Berthelsen, H. Thybo, K. Mosegaard, T. Pedersen, P. Voss, R. Kind, G. Bock, J. Gossler, K. Wylegala, W. Rabbel, I. Woelbern, M. Budweg, H. Busche, M. Korn, S. Hock, A. GuterchM. Grad, M. Wilde-Piorko, M. Zuchniak, J. Plomerova, J. Ansorge, E. Kissling, R. Arlitt, F. Waldhauser, P. Ziegler, U. Achauer, H. Pedersen, N. Cotte, H. Paulssen, E.R. Engdahl

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An international, interdisciplinary project, which 2 years ago deployed the largest dense seismic antenna ever in Europe, expects in the next 2 years to present important findings on the lithosphere and asthenosphere of a portion of the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ). Final processing is currently under way of the data from the array of 120 seismographs along a 900-km-long by 100-km-wide strip from Gottingen, Germany, in the south, through Denmark, to Stockholm, Sweden in the north, across the northwestern part of the TESZ (Figure 1).

Project Tor is a teleseismic tomography experiment with interdisciplinary data exploitation. It extends across the broad TESZ boundary between two markedly different lithospheric domains.These are (1) Proterozoic Europe, with Precambrian crust in Sweden and eastern Europe, and (2) Phanerozoic central Europe, with most of the crust influenced by the Caledonian and Variscan orogenies and only small areas of relic Precambrian crust. The project is designed to investigate the deep lithosphere traces of the broad-scale geology of the TESZ area, including the Tornquist Zone, from which Project Tor has its name. It is part of EUROPROBE, a major Earth science program of the European Science Foundation, which is run by a regional committee of the International Lithosphere Program.
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Udgave nummer1
StatusUdgivet - 5 jan. 1999
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