Ilulissat Isfjord - a world heritage site

Ole Bennike, Naja Mikkelsen, Henrik Klinge Pedersen, Anker Weidick, J. Lautrup

Publikation: Bog/rapportBogFormidling


The Inland Ice and the ice stream Sermeq Kujalleq that terminates in the interior of Kangia are celebrated natural phenomena that have attracted world-wide scientific interest since the first descriptions in the 18th century. The calving front of Sermeq Kujalleq is 5 km long. The extremely high velocity of 19 metres a day, makes it one of the world's fastest glaciers. It produces 35 cubic kilometres of ice a year and is responsible for one-tenth of the total production of icebergs from the Inland Ice. The icebergs fill the fjord Kangia, and vary in size from small blocks to giants of 1.5 cubic kilometres of ice or more. Really large icebergs are rare, but they can always be seen at the mouth of the icefjord, where they run aground on the threshold of Isfjeldsbanken.
ForlagDe Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland
Antal sider116
ISBN (Trykt)87-7871-134-7
StatusUdgivet - 28 sep. 2004


  • Programområde 5: Natur og klima


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