ICE-ARC Project Field Report. R/V Porsild September 4th - 7th 2017

Naja Mikkelsen, Mikkel Myrup

Publikation: Bog/rapportRapport (offentligt tilgængelig)


A field program was undertaken September 4th -7th 2017 using the research vessel R/V Porsild as a platform for the 2017 ICE-ARC field campaign. The aim of the field campaign was to collect data for the EU project “ICE-ARC project - Ice, Climate and Economics in the Arctic” with special emphasis on Deliverable D.3.3 of the project.

Deliverable D3.3 of ICE-ARC Work Package 3 is phrased: Consequences and impacts on indigenous hunting communities in NW Greenland caused by western civilizations – a case study base on European whaling and hunting activities in the Disko Bay area during the 17th to 19th Century.

The Disko Bay region of West Greenland was selected as focal point for this deliverable, and the 2017 field
campaign focused on some whaling sites which were important in the 17th-19th centuries. The aim of the field campaign was thus to locate and document known remains and sites of activity related to the European whaling period in the Disko Bay area.

The documentation included the use of two types of drones. A fixed-wing drone, which is usually used when a relatively large area is to be mapped, and a small rotor drone which is more practical for covering areas of lesser extent, inter alia historical and prehistorical settlements and their immediate vicinities.
Antal sider19
StatusUdgivet - 12 dec. 2017


NavnDanmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse Rapport


  • Greenland


  • Programområde 5: Natur og klima


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