Graphite potential in Greenland. Reporting on the 9th Greenland mineral resource assessment workshop, November 2017

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In November 2017, a workshop on the ‘Assessment of the graphite potential in Greenland’ was arranged jointly by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and the Ministry of Mineral Resources (MMR), Government of Greenland.

The purpose of the workshop was to present and discuss 1) the sources of graphite and the deposit types 2) value chain of graphite and 3) known graphite occurrences in Greenland. All these topics will be covered in this report.

The standard concept for the ’Global Mineral Resource Assessment Project’ (GMRAP) as applied in previous assessment workshops held by GEUS and MMR was not applicable for graphite occurrences, as they are normally rated, based on parameters related to the quality of the graphite, rather than grade. As a substitute, a scoreboard was introduced for this work-shop, allowing a systematic discussion of the known graphite occurrences in Greenland and revealing the current status of their commercial potential.
A list of 12 graphite occurrences in Greenland were selected for scoreboard assessments, out of which only seven occurrences were assessed. Occurrences not encompassed in the scoreboard assessment, were all occurrences from which very little information is recorded.

The conclusion, based on the parameters for the seven occurrences in the survey, was that no adequate and/or convincing data were presented regarding neither the quality of the graphite nor the volume of the occurrence, and, therefore, the viability of the occurrence.

The recommendations for future work on the occurrences also reflect the low level of knowledge of the graphite potential in Greenland. The recommendations for most of the pro-jects focus on early-stage traditional geological knowledge build up, including fieldwork such as mapping, sample collection and geophysics. Complementarily, more laboratory analyses (geochemistry, petrography, etc.) of the collected samples, are recommended, followed by trenching and drilling and metallurgical tests. Only for the more advanced projects, especially Akuliaruseq but also Amitsoq, was fieldwork not considered such a high priority as this has already been carried out. Metallurgical tests and laboratory studies are prioritised instead.
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