GEUS's vurdering af BNBO-beregningskonceptet

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Borehole Protection Zones (BNBO) is a supplementary borehole protection measure that aims to strengthen preparedness and ensure the water quality of abstraction against a wide range of pollution sources, accidents and spills, in the immediate area of public water supply wells.
Within BNBO, the risk of contamination e.g. due to spraying with pesticides may be increased due to limited transport time and/or changed (possibly increased) vulnerability, due to lowering of groundwater pressure levels and changed redox and substance transport conditions close to the source site.
The note is the result of a GEUS review of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's calculation methodology and elaborates on the shut-off, monitoring, conceptualization, knowledge needs, calculation methods and quality assurance of BNBO, with a view to an overall assessment of MST's calculation concept.
Bidragets oversatte titelGEUS evaluation of well near protection zone calculation method: GEUS NOTE No.: 06-VA-19-01
Antal sider19
StatusUdgivet - 28 mar. 2019




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