GARAH Final Project Report: Deliverable 1.6

Niels Schovsbo, Ricardo León Buendia, Susanne Nelskamp, Margaret Stewart, Stefan Ladage, Uffe Larsen, André Burnol, Rüdiger Lutz, Jashar Arfai, Anders Mathiesen, Tom Randles, Stefan H.J. Peeters, Peter Britze

Publikation: Bog/rapportRapport (offentligt tilgængelig)


The main achievement of the GARAH project is a harmonized, scientifically based, geological analysis and assessment of the conventional and unconventional offshore hydrocarbon resources (Geological Analysis and Resource
Assessment of selected Hydrocarbon systems (GARAH) – GeoERA). This contributes to sustainable and affordable energy resources and energy security. It also supports EU member states to address climate commitments and mitigation
options on the path to net-zero GHG emissions.
Antal sider48
StatusUdgivet - 1 nov. 2021


  • Programområde 3: Energiressourcer


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