Evolução do fluido mineralizante no distrito aurífero de Jales

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The Jales Au district encompasses three areas with epigenetic mineralization of Variscan age. Mineralization is hosted in syn- to late-tectonic Variscan granites and in greenschist facies metasedimentary rocks, ranging in age from Cambrian to Lower Devonian. Sulfide paragenesis proceeds from early Fe-As sulfides to late base-metal sulfides. The deposits proximal to the intrusion (Campo and Gralheira) are relatively sulfide-rich and contain paragenetically late electrum associated with significant amounts of base-metal sulfides, whereas the deposit distal to the intrusion (Três Minas) is sulfide-poor and contains high-fineness Au that is paragenetically early. Petrographic studies, coupled with arsenopyrite geothermometry and chlorite solid solution modelling indicate that fluid evolution was different at Três Minas than in the two other areas, explaining the distinct mineral assemblages and metal associations. At Três Minas, Au was precipitated early from bisulfide complexes due to oxidation. During the early stage at high temperatures, Ag and base metals were transported as chloride complexes and therefore were not affected by oxidation. At Campo and Gralheira, early oxidation was not as extensive as at Três Minas, and Au precipitated later due to decrease in aH2S and cooling. During the lower temperature late stage, Ag was transported as a bisulfide complex, so that decrease in aH2S and cooling resulted in the precipitation of electrum, rather than high-fineness Au. Additionally, cooling destabilized chloride complexes carrying base metals, explaining deposition of significant amounts of base-metal sulfides at Campo and Gralheira.
TitelCiências da Terra
UdgivelsesstedMonte da Caparica
ForlagUniversidade nova de Lisboa
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2003
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BegivenhedVI Congresso Nacional de Geologia: Portugal - Monte da Caparica, Portugal
Varighed: 20 jun. 200327 jun. 2003


KonferenceVI Congresso Nacional de Geologia
ByMonte da Caparica


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