Early Holocene history of the southwestern Baltic Sea: The Ancylus Lake stage

Jørn Bo Jensen, Ole Bennike, Andrzej Witkowski, Wolfram Lemke, Antoon Kuijpers

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One of the most discussed stages in the history of the Baltic Sea is the Ancylus Lake phase. This paper presents detailed information from the Darss Sill threshold area as well as the adjacent basins, i.e. the Mecklenburg Bay and Arkona Basin located in the southwesternmost Baltic. The threshold area was transgressed at the Baltic Ice Lake maximum phase and during the following regression about 10.3 ka BP a river valley was incised in the Darss Sill to a level of 23-24 m below present sea level (b.s.l.). Preboreal sediments in the study area show lowstand basin deposition in the Arkona Basin and the existence of a local lake in Mecklenburg Bay. The lowstand system is followed by the Ancylus Lake transgression that reached a maximum level of 19 m b.s.l. Thus, at the maximum level the water depth was about 5 m over the threshold, and the shore level fall during the Ancylus Lake regression must be in the same range. The Darss Sill area is the key area for drainage of the Ancylus Lake, and if the previously suggested regression of 8-10 m in southeastern Sweden is to be achieved, isostatic rebound must also play a role. The existence of the so-called Dana River in the Darss Sill area cannot be supported by our investigations. We observed no signs of progressive erosion of the Darss Sill area in the Early Holocene, and there are no prograding systems in Mecklenburg Bay that can be related to the Ancylus Lake regression. On the contrary, local lakes developed in Mecklenburg Bay and in the Darss Sill threshold area. In the Darss Sill area, marl was deposited in a lake in the valley that developed after the final drainage of the Baltic Ice Lake. Studies of diatoms and macrofossils, combined with seismic interpretation and radiocarbon dating, provide detailed information about the chronology and the relative shore level of these lake phases as well as about environmental conditions in the lakes.

Sider (fra-til)437-453
Antal sider17
Udgave nummer4
StatusUdgivet - dec. 1999


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