Building Nordic Excellence in CCS. NORDICCS - The Nordic CCS Competence Centre

Nils A. Røkke, Rune Aarlien, Marit Mazzetti, Jens Jacob Kielland Haug, Ragnhild Skagestad, Kristin Onarheim, Halvor Lund, Jan Kjärstad, Karen Lyng Anthonsen

    Publikation: Bog/rapportBogForskning


    The NORDICCS project has been a Nordic CCS platform involving major CCS stakeholders in five Nordic countries, operating under the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI). The main objective of NORDICCS has been to boost the deployment of CCS in the Nordic countries by creating a durable network of excellence integrating R&D capacities and relevant industry. The purposes were to: provide Nordic industry-driven leadership within CCS innovation and realisation, demonstrate how CCS can contribute to the Nordic portfolio of climate change mitigation options, enable the Nordic countries to join forces to become pioneers in large scale implementation of CCS, and to strengthen the competitive power of the region by combining the complementary capacities of the Nordic countries.
    ForlagNordForsk. Top-level Research Initiative
    Antal sider104
    StatusUdgivet - 2016


    • Programområde 3: Energiressourcer


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