Advancing Nordic seismological collaboration with Nordic EPOS - A FAIR Nordic EPOS Data Hub

Annakaisa Korja, Kuvvet Atakan, Peter Henrik Voss, Michael Roth, Kristin Vogfjord, E. Kozlovskaya, Eija Tanskanen, Niina Junno

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SYMPOSIUM : S7 CoSOI National and Regional Earthquake Data Centers: Highlights and Challenges

Advancing Nordic seismological collaboration with Nordic EPOS - A FAIR Nordic EPOS Data Hub (by invitation)

Annakaisa Korja, University of Helsinki, Finland
Kuvvet Atakan, University of Bergen, Norway
Peter H. Voss, GEUS, USA
Michael Roth, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Kristin Vogfjord, Icelandic Meteorological Office, Iceland
Elena Kozlovskaya, University of Oulu, Finland
Eija Tanskanen, University of Oulu, Finland
Niina Junno, University of Helsinki, Finland

Nordic EPOS - A FAIR Nordic EPOS Data Hub – is a consortium of the Nordic geophysical observatories
financed by NordForsk. Partner organizations are delivering on-line data to EPOS Thematic Core Services.
Nordic EPOS enhances and stimulates the active Nordic interactions related to Solid Earth Research
Infrastructures (RIs) in general and EPOS in particular. Nordic EPOS develops expertise and tools
designed to integrate Nordic RI data and to enhance their accessibility and usefulness to the Nordic research
community. Together we can address global challenges with Nordic data.
The Nordic EPOS is organized into Tasks and Activities. The project has seven main TASKs: I - Training
in usage of EPOS-RI data and services; II - Nordic data integration and FAIRness; III - Nordic station
management of seismological networks, IV - Induced seismicity, safe society; V - Ash and gas monitoring;
VI - Geomagnetic hazards, and VII - Communication and dissemination. The activities within the TASKs are
workshops, tutorials, demos and training sessions (virtual and on-site), and communication and dissemination
of information on EPOS data and metadata at local, national and international workshops, meetings,
and conferences. For more information see
In seismology, NORDIC-EPOS is particularly active in standardizing observatory practices and databases,
especially in following EPOS metadata standards, in increasing expertise in seismic hazard assessment for
intraplate regions, in preparing a seismic hazard map for the Nordic countries and in expert capacity building
in monitoring of induced seismicity in urban areas.

KEYWORDS : nordic, seismological data, FAIR
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StatusUdgivet - 21 aug. 2021
BegivenhedJoint Scientific Assembly IAGA-IASPEI 2021 - online / Hyderabad, Indien
Varighed: 21 aug. 202127 aug. 2021


KonferenceJoint Scientific Assembly IAGA-IASPEI 2021


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