A multidisciplinary approach for the reconstruction of the Quaternary evolution of the Messina Strait (with Geological Map 1: 25.000 scale).

Pierpaolo Guarnieri, Agata Di Stefano, Serafina Carbone, Fabio Lentini, Anna Del Ben

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The reconstruction of the geological evolution in such a complicated sector as the Messina Strait must imply a multidisciplinary approach, involving structural geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology and geophysics.

Through the structural analysis the most recent fault system responsible for the present deformation of the area has been detected; the stratigraphic analysis allowed us to correlate the marine successions outcropping on both sides of the Strait; the sedimentological features of the Ghiaie e Sabbie di Messina Fm. indicate that a Gilbert-type fan delta developed on the whole area, probably within the Riss glacial stage; the geomorphological elements are strictly linked to the tectonic features of the area; the historical seismicity shows a good agreement with the recognised recent faults; the interpretation of off-shore seismic lines gave the opportunity to follow the trend of important stratigraphic horizons and in particular the unconformity at the base of the Ghiaie e Sabbie di Messina Fm., very well evident onshore.

In conclusion, the Geological Map of the Messina Strait, integrated by multidisciplinary analysis, represents an example of temathic cartography. It allows us to evaluate the geodynamics of the Messina Strait area, and that of the whole Calabrian Arc. The Quaternary evolution infact may be correlated to the deep involvement of the Ionian slab hinge, which undergoes a first SE-ward flexural retreat, during Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene, and a second one SSE-ward, probably still active, since the late Middle Pleistocene; this latter originated the active Ganzirri-Scilla Fault System.
TitelMapping geology in Italy
RedaktørerGiorgio Pasquarè, Corrado Venturini
ForlagAgenzia per la protezione dell'ambiente e per i servizi tecnici
Antal sider8
StatusUdgivet - 2004
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