A comparison of the NW European glaciated margin with other glaciated margins

T. Nielsen, L De Santis, K.I.T. Dahlgren, A. Kuijpers, J.S. Laberg, A. Nygård, D. Praeg, M.S. Stoker

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The present paper provides an overview of glacial related seabed features and sedimentary sequences found along the formerly glaciated NW European margin and compare it with those found on contemporary glaciated margins from both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. A brief review of the seabed physiography and strata architecture of the margins under consideration is followed by comparison of the most relevant similarities and differences. Comparison of the present-day bathymetric setting of both former and contemporary glaciated margins reveals no clear link to the effect of neither ice sheet or sediment load. Three different types of glacially eroded shelf transverse troughs have been identified, while marginal troughs seem connected to similar geological settings everywhere. Beyond the shelf edge interaction between downslope and alongslope processes has occurred resulting, amongst others, in the formation of large sedimentary mounds on the rise. More frequent large-scale mass wasting occurs on the former glaciated NW European margin than the Greenland and Antarctic margins in the latest Neogene to recent times. A two-stage evolution of the shelf prograding wedges is observed on all margins under consideration, which may reflect a general development of an ice cover from an initial phase of non- to restricted glaciation, evolving to a mature stage of expansive glaciation.

Sider (fra-til)1149-1183
Antal sider35
TidsskriftMarine and Petroleum Geology
Udgave nummer9-10
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2005


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