The HIKE project aims to stimulate the development of common information repositories and a knowledge sharing infrastructure in order to support induced hazard and risk assessments at the geological survey organizations and other research institutions.

Part of the project was to develop and test novel methodologies building on top of results from previous projects and research. The work has advanced current state-of-the-art knowledge across different energy exploitation scenarios and various geological settings. The ultimate goal is to improve hazard and impact assessments and provide the basis for better standardization of these evaluations across Europe. With the joint development of methods, workflows and datasets an intensified research collaboration and improved transfer of knowledge has been established.

Based on the participating partners’ expertise four case studies have been formulated to cover as broad a range of methodologies as possible. In all case studies the relevance of the fault database being established in HIKE has been explored. Furthermore, cross-cutting relations between individual case studies has been identified.
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