AddGROUND: Modelling as a tool to augment ground motion data in regions of diffuse seismicity



After the Fukushima accident, seismic safety of nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations has become an increasingly important topic also in regions with low seismic activity, including the Nordic nuclear sites. The technical aim of the proposed project is to refresh existing and to build new capabilities in earthquake source modelling for ground motion simulations in the context of stable continental regions, specifically the Fennoscandian shield. The scarcity of empirical observations of near-field ground motions from large magnitude earthquakes in Fenniscandia has been an impediment for deeper understanding of the possible earthquake loading scenarios on nuclear installations, even if the empirical data has been exhaustively analyzed. With recent advances in computational methods, the opportunity exists for numerical models to give realistic estimates of earthquake loads. In addition to the technical outcome, this project also aims to establish and maintain a network of experts focused on diffuse seismicity areas of the Nordic Countries and further enhance the cooperation between VTT and Uppsala University in the area of earthquake source modelling. A longer term aim would be to extend the cooperation to the Baltic countries. The project outcomes will support STUK and SSM, providing background information for the safety assessments of nuclear plants, but are also significant for nuclear repositories. Leader organisation: VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.
Kort titelAddGROUND
Effektiv start/slut dato1/01/1530/06/16


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