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2021 – Hydrologist Ramboll, Denmark

IL 845-Construction Permits, Vistra Energy Corporation, USA.

Rambøll was tasked with investigating the effects on groundwater quality when closing power plants. My work involved numerical simulations of ground- water flow and impact on groundwater quality, related to residual coal combustion ponds. Different closure methods were simulated to explore the optimal closure approach in order to reduce the risk of affecting groundwater quality.

Danish Groundwater Resource modelling. Rambøll was tasked to eval-
uate groundwater capture zones of numerous water utilities in the Roedding-Tiset area by the Danish EPT. My role was to collate and quality control all available data to setup a numerical model of the area. Fanø Klimatilpasningsplan - Climate Adaptation Plan, Fanø Kommune Rambøll produced various concept design for climate adaptation approaches on the Danish island of Fanø, related to rising groundwater levels. I used a groundwater model to simulate these concept designs, which are used as a basis for developing various strategies for lowering the groundwater level in central locations.

2019 – 2021 Post Doctoral Fellow GEUS, Denmark
Improved representation of riparian lowlands in the Danish Nitrogen Model. Inclusion of riparian lowlands in spatially differentiate nitrate management has proven challenging. My work focuses on developing a statistical approach which can help different between riparian lowlands based on their flow partitioning and therefore potential nitrate reduction capacity.

2016 – 2019 Research Associate, Flinders University, Australia
Australia-Japanese comparative analysis of urban water-food energy security Nexus. Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program: Few studies actually quantify and compare the interplay between the water, energy, and food demands of an urban population. I was involved in developing a quantitative estimate for the cities of Adelaide and Kyoto (i.e. urban areas in water-poor, energy-rich Australia and water-rich, energy-poor Japan).

Water resource modelling of the Milingimbi Island, NT to determine sustainable yield of the freshwater lens beneath the island . Department for Power and Water, NT: I developed and calibrated a 3D numerical model of Milingimbi Island, involving diverse data sources (hydraulics, chemistry and geophysics), to examine the sensitivity of the water resources to an increase in groundwater abstraction and climate change impacts.

Simple groundwater management techniques Murray-Darling Basin Authority Strategic Groundwater Research Partnership. Simple tools are often used in the management of groundwater quantity, however the potential risks and underlying assumptions are not always clear. I synthesised the key issues in the application of such tools for the management of groundwater.

Determining hyporheic zone fluxes using an applied heat tracer. Monitoring hypoheic flows and transport tend to focus on the vertical flow component. We developed a new tool which captures the 3D flows within the hyporheic zone. I developed a GUI to assist in the processing of data captured by the measurement tool.

Bore and well induced inter-aquifer groundwater connectivity: Consequence modelling and experimental design. Department of Environment: Coal-Seam-Gas development can provide additioanl pathways for water and contaminant transport. We investigated the impacts of well failure on groundwater flow for a newly proposed CSG operation.We developed a 3D Modflow-USG numerical model to examine the impacts on groundwater flow resulting from various well failure examples.

2014 – 2016 Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary, Canada
Groundwater Recharge in the Prairies: simulation of recharge from ephemeral ponds. In semi-arid cold regimes quantifying recharge is challenging.The GRIP project aimed to improve our conceptualisation and simulation of recharge in the Canadian Prairies. I enhancing a pre-existing numerical code and successful simulated the observed responses in a well monitored pond.

2009 – 2010 Hydrogeologist, Department of Environment and Conservation, Perth, Australia

The ecohydrology of Lake Toolibin, WA I provided site based (Lake Toolibin) and office based hydrogeological and environmental support during the establishment of the Lake Toolibin Biohazard Project. This involved working with ecologists to set up the field site with appropriate instrumentation (soil moisture sensors, sap flow monitoring, groundwater level loggers).

Uddannelse (Akademiske kvalifikationer)

Ph.d., Spatial variability in surface water‐ groundwater fluxes using hydraulic methods, Flinders University

1 aug. 20101 jan. 2014

Dimissionsdato: 1 maj 2014

Master, title: Temporal and Spatial Effects of a Long Term Alley Farming Trial on Water Table Dynamics: implications for effective design, The University of Western Australia

1 jun. 20061 apr. 2009

Dimissionsdato: 31 okt. 2008

Bachelor, Dissertation (Geography): The Hydrochemistry of the Afon Hafren: implications for Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L.) distribution and Dissertation (Geoscience): Sediment Distribution along Aberdeen Beach: an example of an erosional coastline, University of Aberdeen

1 sep. 20001 jun. 2005


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