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Klaus Hinsby

Date of Birth

January 4, 1960




M.Sc, Geological Institute, University of Copenhagen, 1988. Specialisation: hydrochemistry and hydrogeology

Employment record:



Position and Responsibilities


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

Sr. Scientist / Research hydrogeologist (since 2000)

Chair of the Water Resources Expert Group of the EuroGeoSurveys since 2015

Member of EU Working Group Groundwater under the Common Implementation Strategy for the Water Framework Directive since 2005

Chair of IAH Denmark since 2014

Member of the board of Hydrologiforum since 2012

Member of the UNECE Groundwater Resources Working Group   

Key competencies

Groundwater and subsurface characterisation by groundwater sampling and hydrochemical analysis, geophysical logging, environmental tracers and groundwater dating etc. Derivation of groundwater natural backgrounds and threshold values, assessment of human impact, groundwater interaction with surface water and ecosystems e.g. sea level rise and salt water intrusion, nutrient cycles and loadings to groundwater and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Climate change impacts on groundwater and surface water quantity and quality; adaptive and integrated water management at catchment scale. The Water Framework and Groundwater directives and the groundwater science – policy interface in Europe and the United Nations.

Selected Experience Record

2022 – .. Partner in the “GSEU” – the Coordination and Support Action for a geological service for Europe within Horizon Europe: https://eurogeosurveys.org/research/gseu/ 

2016-2022 Theme coordinator for groundwater in the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET (European Research Area) on Applied Geoscience, “GeoERA”  (www.geoera.eu)

2016-2022. Coordinator of the GeoERA, Groundwater and Mineral Resources project ("GeoERA-DK") - a project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark that co-funded GeoERA and in addition activities e.g. on real-time data transfer and visualization and groundwater dating and visualization

2017-2020 - workpackage leader (WP6) in the "SEAMOUNT" project in the BONUS program (www.seamount.eu) 

2015-2018  – work package leader in “Subsol” a EU Horizon 2020 project (2015-2018) bringing coastal SUBsurface water SOLutions to the market, coordinated by KWR (NL) and with associated partners from China, Brazil and the U.S. (www.subsol.org) – emphasis is on methods controlling saltwater intrusion

2015-2018 – work package leader in “KINDRA”  a new EU Horizon 2020 (2015-2018) project (Knowledge Inventory for Hydrogeology Research) on identificaction of groundwater research trends and gaps. www.kindraproject.eu 

2014 -2018 -  participant and main proposal developer (together with Prof. Jens Christian Refsgaard) of “Soils2Sea” – a  research project in the BONUS programme on the Baltic Sea (Article 185 initiative) on the development of new innovative methods for the reduction of nutrient loadings to the Baltic Sea. www.seamount.eu 

April 2015 and September 2015 – convener on sessions at EGU2015 and Aqua 2015 (the 42nd IAH congress) in Vienna and Rome, respectively, on groundwater – surface water and ecosystem interaction.

June 2014: Co-organizer of the SWIM23 conference of salt water intrusion in Husum, Germany. www.swim-site.nl

Guest-editor of the HESS special issue no. 149: “Assessing the impact of climate change for adaptive water management in coastal regions”, “Hydrology and Earth System Sciences”, 149, 2011.

Project manager of the GEUS part of the EU Interreg North Sea project “CLIWAT” – Adaptive and sustainable water management and protection of society and nature in an extreme climate, 2008-2012, www.cliwat.eu


  • QE Geology


  • Programområde 2: Vandressourcer
  • Programområde 5: Natur og klima
  • Programområde 1: Data


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